Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Edible cloud dough.

Just about anything that is easy to do & keeps my little man entertained is considered a win in my book. Minimal effort is the name of the game, and this little craft takes the cake. All you need to do is throw together some flour and oil and you have a better-than-sand mess of fun for your little one to play with. 

Cloud dough is somewhat like play dough but drier and less "muddy", if that makes sense. It is really light feeling. I guess that's why the name is cloud dough. The good thing is it sticks together effortlessly. You can mold it into anything, like playdough, except for it won't hold; it just kind of falls apart. This, my son loves! More than anything, he really enjoyed just squishing it in those little fists.

I have seen cloud dough recipes all over the internet, but I had one concern- my child will eat whatever is put in front of him. Well maybe not eat, but he will at the least take a sampling. So I searched if there was an edible option and came across this blog. Here, she uses peanut oil but states that you can use any cooking oil, so I opted for vegetable oil.

1 3/4 cup of Flour
1/4 cup of cocoa powder ( this is optional, if you do not want the cocoa then just do 2c flour)
1/4 cup vegetable oil 

Mix these ingredients together and it is ready to go. Make sure your little one has play clothes on because the aftermath is a messy one. I brought it outside with an old blanket to sit on and parchment paper to throw the cloud dough on. We used our beach toys to play with it and it works perfectly!

I never tried the baby oil version of cloud dough, because well, I knew this would happen.

I am guessing it's just about the same. Either way this worked for him, and I don't have to worry about him taking in chemicals, As you may be able tell from his face, it's  edible but it is not too tasty!

Although it looks messy it's just like getting flour all over. Take the play clothes off and you are fine (that is if you are doing it as an outside activity). I just scooped up the parchment paper and brushed the rest around on the drive way. I was fully prepared to take the hose to it, but it surprisingly was not that bad!

This is definitely going  down as a keeper activity for us. Enjoy & if you discover a new way to play with cloud dough let us know!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little mason jar love - home decor project

Mason jars have become my new obsession, and it seems like I'm not the only one. Every where I look, I see a new mason jar project. Not a bad thing for me, considering I seriously over estimated my need for mason jars at my son's birthday party. Needless to say, if you are following my blog, you can expect to see a few new uses for the ole red neck wine glass.

This particular pin was like it was made for me. I loved that it looked like a 'how the heck did she do that?' type of project, and i knew the secret. (insert evil laugh) If you check out the pin, they used a wine bottle... same idea though!

Added Bonus - Its super easy to make! First grab that handy glue gun and the oh so popular mason jar. 

You'll want to let the hot glue gun get hot enough so that the glue is consistently flowing. Also, when writing with the glue gun do so slowly & carefully. Make sure the glue gun is far enough away that you don't smudge the letters. Wipe off any of those pesky glue strings left behind. 


You might be feeling pretty good about that glass with just the glued letters (if not, try again, my first was no gem), but just wait until its painted!

Grab that newly glued glass, your spray paint, and remember gloves unless you have something to paint it on.

When spraying, hold from the inside and do not think you need to go crazy with one consistent spray. Spray each side until you feel it is even and let it dry.

My outcome wasn't perfect but I'm happy with it! Its all about bringing character into is your home right? I made this in anticipation of our new handmade mantle. A friend & inspiration of mine, Morgan, is always switching up her mantel and I love that idea! What a fun, easy way to update your living space. So go display your DIY trophy on your mantel, or enjoy it's simplicity anywhere in the house as a single flower vase. Leave me a comment if you find more uses for our little something special! :)

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

First PINspiration: a whole new floor.

Hi y'all! 

This is my very first blog post, and my first "pin" come true. I decided to be a brave soul and post about my grout cleaning experience. Once you scroll-on-down and see the BEFORE pictures you will understand my fear of being judged! I had to put that all aside because this grout cleaner is too good not to share. Wait, that's an understatement. This grout cleaner is climb-on-top-of-mountian-so-you-can-declare-your-love-to-the-world type of good!

Okay, so back story: 2010 we bought a foreclosure. The layout was perfect and totally unique for the area. We were thrilled (well maybe my husband was THRILLED). I was a bit hesitant but I saw the potential. The house was lacking, in well a kitchen, among other inside extravagances.We have put so much work into the house, it has come a long long way, and I can happily call this our home... except for one huge thorn in my side: the disgusting grout. 

The entire first floor is basically tile; which, in south Texas is great. Sand will tear your wood floors up and carpet is no friend of sweltering environments. It's all white tile, all brown filthy grout-not ideal. We had "Stanley Steamer" come to no avail. Sure, it looked a little less brown but it did not have the shiny new floor effect. So,I got to pinning. 

I came across a pin on how to clean grout with home made cleaner. It also said with "things you have at home". 'You mean I don't have to drag my cranky son into his heat box car seat and search for cleaners? I AM IN!' Clorox and baking soda is all you need!

I got right to it, and well, I will let the results speak for themselves: 

(here is the dreaded BEFORE picture..eeeeeeeeeek!)
After the scrubbing & drying:

One catch!
After cleaning  you have to rinse and wash the floor a few times to get the cleaner's film off of it. Especially if you have little ones. I was not comfortable letting my little guy walk around the floor with the cleaner that nearly burned a hole in the knees of my pants.

 After rinsing and my handy dandy steam mop, the floor looks like this:
 (aah.... much better!!)

Homemade grout cleaner:
1/4 Clorox bleach
3/4 baking soda

Mix together into a paste and scrub into grout with a old toothbrush. (gloves are recommended since the paste will make your skin raw) Then enjoy your new tile, and calling everyone you know to tell them :)

(for a grout with a darker color originally, I would add a little water) 

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