Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little mason jar love - home decor project

Mason jars have become my new obsession, and it seems like I'm not the only one. Every where I look, I see a new mason jar project. Not a bad thing for me, considering I seriously over estimated my need for mason jars at my son's birthday party. Needless to say, if you are following my blog, you can expect to see a few new uses for the ole red neck wine glass.

This particular pin was like it was made for me. I loved that it looked like a 'how the heck did she do that?' type of project, and i knew the secret. (insert evil laugh) If you check out the pin, they used a wine bottle... same idea though!

Added Bonus - Its super easy to make! First grab that handy glue gun and the oh so popular mason jar. 

You'll want to let the hot glue gun get hot enough so that the glue is consistently flowing. Also, when writing with the glue gun do so slowly & carefully. Make sure the glue gun is far enough away that you don't smudge the letters. Wipe off any of those pesky glue strings left behind. 


You might be feeling pretty good about that glass with just the glued letters (if not, try again, my first was no gem), but just wait until its painted!

Grab that newly glued glass, your spray paint, and remember gloves unless you have something to paint it on.

When spraying, hold from the inside and do not think you need to go crazy with one consistent spray. Spray each side until you feel it is even and let it dry.

My outcome wasn't perfect but I'm happy with it! Its all about bringing character into is your home right? I made this in anticipation of our new handmade mantle. A friend & inspiration of mine, Morgan, is always switching up her mantel and I love that idea! What a fun, easy way to update your living space. So go display your DIY trophy on your mantel, or enjoy it's simplicity anywhere in the house as a single flower vase. Leave me a comment if you find more uses for our little something special! :)

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  1. i tried this after seeing it on pinterest, but mine didn't turn out too great! glad you figured it out! ha

  2. I'm glad you found my site, but that's too bad it didn't work out as well as you wanted! To be honest, my first did not either!! I got my glue gun in my glue and kinked the letters.
    p.s. just checked out your blog, so cute!

  3. this is so awesome!