Thursday, July 5, 2012

First PINspiration: a whole new floor.

Hi y'all! 

This is my very first blog post, and my first "pin" come true. I decided to be a brave soul and post about my grout cleaning experience. Once you scroll-on-down and see the BEFORE pictures you will understand my fear of being judged! I had to put that all aside because this grout cleaner is too good not to share. Wait, that's an understatement. This grout cleaner is climb-on-top-of-mountian-so-you-can-declare-your-love-to-the-world type of good!

Okay, so back story: 2010 we bought a foreclosure. The layout was perfect and totally unique for the area. We were thrilled (well maybe my husband was THRILLED). I was a bit hesitant but I saw the potential. The house was lacking, in well a kitchen, among other inside extravagances.We have put so much work into the house, it has come a long long way, and I can happily call this our home... except for one huge thorn in my side: the disgusting grout. 

The entire first floor is basically tile; which, in south Texas is great. Sand will tear your wood floors up and carpet is no friend of sweltering environments. It's all white tile, all brown filthy grout-not ideal. We had "Stanley Steamer" come to no avail. Sure, it looked a little less brown but it did not have the shiny new floor effect. So,I got to pinning. 

I came across a pin on how to clean grout with home made cleaner. It also said with "things you have at home". 'You mean I don't have to drag my cranky son into his heat box car seat and search for cleaners? I AM IN!' Clorox and baking soda is all you need!

I got right to it, and well, I will let the results speak for themselves: 

(here is the dreaded BEFORE picture..eeeeeeeeeek!)
After the scrubbing & drying:

One catch!
After cleaning  you have to rinse and wash the floor a few times to get the cleaner's film off of it. Especially if you have little ones. I was not comfortable letting my little guy walk around the floor with the cleaner that nearly burned a hole in the knees of my pants.

 After rinsing and my handy dandy steam mop, the floor looks like this:
 (aah.... much better!!)

Homemade grout cleaner:
1/4 Clorox bleach
3/4 baking soda

Mix together into a paste and scrub into grout with a old toothbrush. (gloves are recommended since the paste will make your skin raw) Then enjoy your new tile, and calling everyone you know to tell them :)

(for a grout with a darker color originally, I would add a little water) 

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  1. i NEED to try this in our kitchen!! i dropped an entire bowl of melted chocolate a while back & have never been able to get it clean! haha